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Topodzi Foundation Trust (TFT) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which was formed in 2019 with the aim of ending child marriages in Zimbabwe. Topodzi foundation Trust is currently registered as a Trust and was founded by a Zimbabwean woman who was once a victim of child marriages. She was motivated to start the organization after she challenged the Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe on the issue of the legitimate age of marriage. Topodzi Foundation Trust was formed with the mandate of lobbying and advocating for the implementation and amendment of legal frameworks that adhere to the rights of children. It helps children by giving them power, capacitating them, and creating spaces for their voices to be heard so that they become empowered to stand against the culture and practices of child marriages in Zimbabwe.


We envision societies free from child marriages where girls and women are treated as equals, empowered and their rights are granted without discrimination


To end Child marriages in Zimbabwe by giving girls and women a voice in their communities and engaging parents, youths and elders through community dialogues and also through lobbying, advocacy, capacity strengthening, information dissemination and material support.


  • To promote strategies and platforms that seeks to end child marriages.
  • To facilitate empowerment of the girl child so that they are able to make choices for their lives.
  • To promote the emancipation of the girl child as they are most affected group when it comes to child marriages.
  • To educate communities on the negative effects of child marriages.
  • To give adolescent girls a voice to be heard in their communities.
  • To push for the implementation of legal frameworks and development of policies aimed to protect and promote adolescent girls’ rights.

Our Current Work

Topodzi Foundation is empowering girls and young women by teaching them how to make petroleum jelly, drinks and detergents. They are also manufacturing and selling their products.

Source: Topodzi Foundation Trust

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