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Who are we

Youth Aspire Development Trust (YADT) is a non-profit organization registered Trust (Reg No:MA0000949/2019) targeting youths with dynamic services, with the intent to elevate, protect and equip them with the sufficient resources they will need to lead tomorrow. We are a formidable team who are into HIV/AIDS mitigation and Youth Development. It was started as an initiative by a group of young people, who realized the significance of youth groups in the development of society. They realized that youth in the communities have creative potential, but are limited by the environment surrounding them, and therefore need to be encouraged to succeed in their endeavors. YADT is a development oriented organization covering marketing and social research related activities in the modern world as well as management consulting services with a huge focus on youth owned SMMEs, youth Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV/Aids among the youths etc.

YADT’s aim is to assist those marginalized youths in communities. Youths targeted besides from the general youth populace, include those who are HIV positive, those affected by HIV, those engaged in sex work and those with disabilities, to help them create a sustainable basis for a more hopeful future.

Our Vision

To be the leader and driving force for children and youth to realize their potential and positively impact their communities

Our mission

To create an enabling environment for all young people living and affected by HIV/AIDS, and promote health and socio- economic development.

Our objectives

  • Undertaking capacity building for individual youths’ and youth groups in order to enhance knowledge and skills on how to protect and manage their social and physical environment.
  • Networking with other like-minded organizations locally, regionally and internationally in furtherance of the organizations objectives.
  • To build the capacities of young people living and affected by HIV/AIDS to take leadership roles and lead advocacy for rights of young people living with HIV.
  • To empower young people on their sexual and reproductive health rights.
  • To facilitate the inclusion and participation of young people with disabilities in decision making forums at the community, national and international levels.
  • To provide economic empowerment for young people living and affected by HIV/AIDS for economic growth and poverty alleviation.
  • To fight against stigma and discrimination against young people living with HIV/AIDS and those with disability.

Read the full profile here (1MB PDF)

Source: YADT

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