Kubatana is a community. Our members come from all walks of life and are based in all corners of Zimbabwe. In fact, here on our home page are Wilfred, Courtly, Ngwenya, Tatenda, and Itai. Along with thousands of other Zimbabweans, they are what make Kubatana as good as it is!

Our core work is making the civic and human rights information published by civil society in Zimbabwe accessible to members of the public. To make this happen, we engage a creative suite of social media, delivering important information, daily, to people who appreciate a different point of view.

Nationally Kubatana provides technical support to a wide variety of NGOs and CSOs. And, Kubatana is also active offline. We conceptualise and implement social justice campaigns at street level.

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“We really appreciate your efforts, as this widens our reach in exposing human rights violations in the least accessible communities.”

Heal Zimbabwe

“Kubatana is much appreciated. Brave, factual, forthright, and distinctly on the side of justice. Plus, with a dash of humour for a bonus. You guys give us hope.”


“Thank you Kubatana for keeping me updated. I appreciate your encouragement and words of advice as well.”


“I would like to say thank you for being so informative - yes more than what our national broadcasting can do. I really enjoy your emails; as a student they broaden my view of the society we're living in right now so that we can prepare for tomorrow in time.”


“Continue doing the great work. Through the platform, I have been able to participate in person and online from local to international fora. I have been kept abreast of current affairs within the development sphere and cannot imagine a world without your input.”


Who we are

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!


To expand citizen access to civic and human rights information in Zimbabwe. To help Zimbabweans to make informed choices about how to live their lives. To support the work of civil society through connecting it to the public.


At the heart of Kubatana are our members. We are dedicated to interactive communication and relationship development. You add, we multiply! We believe in unlocking resources and sharing them as widely as possible.


To provide non-partisan and credible information on a regular basis to the public thereby challenging mainstream media’s sensationalism and negativity. We see access to unmanipulated information as a human right.

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You add, we multiply! Please help us like we help you. If you apply for an opportunity that you heard about from Kubatana, please tell the organisation that you heard about them through Kubatana. And, even better – if you get a job, internship or find success in any way through accessing information that Kubatana publishes then please tell us! This helps us measure our impact. And it makes us really happy.

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Kubatana has received a number of awards including:

  • Clickatell Mobile Touch award for community service (2014)
  • Shoko Festival Hub Award – Pioneer Category (2014)
  • Index on Censorship award for promoting freedom of expression through innovation (2012)
  • World’s Bravest Bloggers, Daily Beast (2011)
  • Breaking Borders Award for online advocacy presented by Google, Reuters and Global Voices (2010)
  • National Association for NGOs Media Responsibility Award (2009)
  • Knight News Challenge Winner (2008)
  • Yeomans Award for Local Content runner up (2005)
  • Highway Africa award for innovative use of new media – non-profit category (2002)
  • Hafkin Prize short-listed (2002)

You add, we multiply


Kubatana is powered by over 100 000 Zimbabweans. Steering our information rocket are Bev and Amanda.

Bev started out hiring out videos (remember them?), then she picked apples, did some typing, started a design company and then finally came out of the closet as An Activist when she founded Kubatana with Brenda in 2001.

Amanda has worked in various NGOs and pressure groups, she’s played rugby, run a marathon, and walked several and she’s well known for her aversion to small talk – so whatever you do, if you email her, make sure your story has substance and humour.

And we’ve worked with some Amazing people in the past who have gone on to do cool stuff. Thanks to Brenda, Taurai, Natasha, Jimmy, Dennis, Upenyu, Zanele, Lenard, Didymus, Marko, Varaidzo, Hillery, Emily (x2!), Amy, Vanessa, Tina and Liz!

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