Weekly e:zine

Our weekly e:zine goes out to our subscribers every Tuesday. Filled to the brim with news, analysis, inspiration & opportunities, our team works hard scouring the infoscape to produce a top-quality publication of curated stories and original inputs.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram - you name it, we're there! Kubatana uses a creative suite of social media and our well-established handles to amplify the work of other CSOs and to highlight ordinary people's voices. And have you met our WhatsApp bot? Her name is Ana!


Remember those yellow signs everywhere? Or the DVDs you got in the post? Or perhaps the cool Constitution T-Shirt you won in our competition? That's us! Funky street level campaigns are our jam, and you'll find us both online and offline getting the word out.

Kubatana Voice

Although primarily a curator, Kubatana often notices information gaps that need to be filled. Our dedicated team writes our own explainers and deep dives that shed a little more light on certain issues, always using everyday speak and connecting our words to action.

Talking to Our People

We're built on the concept that power and agency are in all of us. Listening is the most important stage in our process. We constantly ask questions and elicit feedback across our platforms, mirroring the voices of our community back to themselves.


With funding deficits and staff turnover, much CSO information gets lost in cyberspace. That's why we have a carefully maintained archive of CSO reports, statements and press releases stretching back to 2002. Don't believe us? See for yourself at