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Faith Foundation is a registered (MA0001187/2019) community based charity trust operating in the high density and peri rural areas of Harare, Zimbabwe. Faith Foundation’s mission is to empower adolescent girls and young women in Zimbabwe socially, economically and psychologically through the use of targeted interventions. Our target beneficiary are girls, women and children including the homeless, orphans, youth, female headed households.

With 72% of Zimbabweans living under the poverty line FF seeks to eradicate poverty and hunger through empowering and supporting individuals and families living in poverty. Faith Foundation pays a special focus on adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) as females make over half of the population and are at risk of unemployment, gender-based violence and poverty. In addition we focus on children and youth as they are during their critical years of development. The organization is governed by a board of trustees and run by the executive director and a management committee who work together to provide assistance that helps change individuals current disadvantaged situation.


To bring hope to the despaired


To serve the community by providing aid to improve their lives and escape poverty


  • To equip AGYW with skills to reduce social risks and become economically active.
  • To promote and teach self sustainability. Contribute towards the following SDG’s – 1 (No poverty) & 5 (Gender equality.
  • To increase access to menstrual and sexual reproductive health services and information.
  • To empower AGYW with knowledge to make informed choices about their health.
  • To promote equality and social justice in society.

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Source: Faith Foundation

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