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WICO is a women-led organization whose mandate is to uphold women’s rights, health and livelihoods that was established in 2009. It seeks to create safe spaces for women to participate in governance processes and exercise their constitutional rights. WICO has, in the past, focused on rural women – as they constitute the majority – but has realized the urban-rural gap as well.


A world in which women play decisive roles in agriculture; health; governance; and natural resources management for sustainable livelihoods and development.


To promote the recognition of local initiatives and strengthening of local people’s capacities to adjust to changing conditions, in collaboration with relevant partners and stakeholders.


  • To inculcate a culture of self-worth and independence in women and girls.
  • To promote and create a safe space participation in governance issues.
  • To advocate for behavioral change among women – especially marginalized rural women – who fear taking leadership positions because of cultural and patriarchal norms.
  • To encourage healthy living standards and improved livelihoods for women and girls.
  • To raise awareness of, and advocate for, human rights and constitutional rights – especially women’s rights.
  • To mainstream women in sustainable environmental management and disaster risk reduction and management.


  • Promotion of human rights, women’s rights, and the rights of the child;
  • Civic Participation, Governance, Constitutional rights, and voter registration;
  • Awareness of maternal and child health rights – Prevention of Mother-to-child Transmission (PMTCT), Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR);
  • Promotion of HIV / TB Prevention and Management;
  • Supporting Cervical Cancer Screening (VIAC);
  • Gender-Based Violence awareness, mitigation and psychosocial support;
  • Sustainable Forest Management (SFM), Sustainable Land Management (SLM), Sustainable Water Management (SWM), and climate change adaptation;
  • Community nutrition gardening; value addition of garden produce; and
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH);
  • Entrepreneurship skills development;
  • COVID-19 Awareness and Disaster Risk Management.

Contact Details

Email:info@wico.org.zw / wicozimbabwe@gmail.com
Twitter: @WicoZimbabwe

Source: WICO

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