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Malante Multimedia Development Trust Africa is a vibrant nongovernmental organization that aims to provide consultancy services and capacity building training to a mosaic of organisations and individuals in a wide variety of Multimedia Applications in 5 broad categories namely Text & Graphic Design, Video & Animation, Photography, Audio and E-Marketing/Digital Marketing (acronym TVPAE). The MMDTA was formed following the persistent realization of the key role played by development communication in spearheading the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) following the observation of multimedia skills gaps within the development and corporate sectors. The influence of social media, the internet and penetration of ICTs in Zimbabwe and beyond as drivers of social engagement and development has been growing. This has seen a demand for a variety of multimedia skills, a proliferation of citizen journalism and a convergence of all these factors has given rise to the need for training and provision of consultancy services to ensure that the dissemination of development communication is done expertly and ethically. However, despite the high demand for multimedia content the film and video industry in Zimbabwe and continentally is still in its infancy hence the formation of Malante Multimedia Development Trust Africa to try and fill this crucial development gap by equipping communication practitioners within NGOs, CSOs, the corporate sector as well as individual communication enthusiasts with the relevant skills and also providing organisations and individuals with the option to procure a bouquet of Multimedia consultancy services to enhance the impact of their communications capabilities.

Malante Multimedia Development Africa Trust focuses on providing the following capacity building training and consultancy services which fall under its 5 broad Multimedia thematic areas (TVPAE):

  • Video Filming and Editing Script-writing
  • Photography Layout and Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Copy-writing
  • Communication and Public Relations
  • News-writing
  • Website Development & Management
  • Events Management
  • Social Media Management

Our mandate is to enhance the dissemination of information through the provision of concierge practical Multimedia consultancy services and capacity building training for organisations and individuals who need our services hence our existence.


To establish multimedia development solutions for Africa.


To contribute value adding multimedia content through consultancy and capacity building training that makes a distinct difference in community development in Africa. To train practitioners in all aspects of practical requirements in low, medium and high budget multimedia services


To offer blue-chip multimedia consultancy and training services to organisations and individuals To create marketing campaigns for traditional and social media using TVPAE be they brief or over a long period of time To empower practitioners’ to be self sufficient through training and resource mobilization so they can be self employed as TVPAE actors as inhouse or external content creators To enable practitioners to be self employed through adequate provision of DIYtutorial materials in TVPAE

Current training program and milestone

In 2021 we started our training program in photography, video filming and graphic designing. This received an overwhelming number of enquiries from mostly people working in communications who had no practical training. We have managed to enrol employed individuals as well as people desiring to be self employed. Our training is one-on-one as well as online. Our trainees have mostly been women who have desired to work in practical areas of multimedia but did not possess the adequate skills. We had to train students how to operate a DSLR camera in both the auto and manual modes so as to achieve high quality images for information dissemination. One key component is to make the training as flexible as possible by ensuring that we are very accommodative to also scenarios and requests i.e home visits for those with a busy schedule. We have students as far as Masvingo who are doing the training online.

Source: Malante Multimedia Development Trust

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