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Safe, self-sustaining communities where vulnerable boys and girls reach their full potential and realize their rights.


Promote a safe friendly environment that encourages survival and development vulnerable boys, girls, children with special needs through interventions that are community and family focused.

Address the underlying factors that prevent vulnerable boys, girls and children with special needs from fully realizing their potential through creating opportunities for positive change.


Mwana Trust is a women-led child development and survival organization concerned with the welfare of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) and children with special needs at the grassroots level. We are a community and church initiative respondingto broken down family structures, increase in HIV related OVCs, homeless children, child headed homes, children with special needs and elderly people looking after orphans.  Mwana Trust engages local community schools toenhance the quality of a child’s life by supporting access to education, health, shelter, clean waterand sustainable livelihoods. We believe that it is women who influence the child through education and socialisation hence we work with women to empower them for better communities.


We promote holistic and sustainable interventions for child development andsurvival. Our interventions for vulnerable children range from Educational Assistance, Child Stimulation, Nutrition, Health, School Gardens, Water, Sanitation, Shelter, Assistive devices and financial resourcesfor children with special needs.Mwana Trust aims to help children realize their rights to education, clean water, good health, shelter and the rights of children with disabilities

Our intervention for women empowerment seeks to address social, educational, economic, physical and psychological disparities that affect women’s sense of self-worth, ability to decide for themselves and their right to influence social change. Our focus is in line with the UN Global Compact and UN Women’s Empowerment Principles to empower women in the market place, workplace and community.


  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Participation
  • Sensitivity


Advancing equal access, equity and progress to vulnerable boys, girls and women through innovative, safe and diverse quality interventions that empower and influence social change.


  • Integrate education, child stimulation, nutrition and health interventions for a holistic child development approach that ensures quality, equity and access to better health and educational outcomes for 3 750 children by December 2025
  • Protecting children in all our interventions including life changing events for the realization of their rights by December 2025
  • Contribute to improved health outcomes and lifestyle for 450 children with special needs through meaningful engagement by December 2025
  • Build the capacities of 900 vulnerable rural families with poverty reduction strategies that enhance social protection, resilience and adaptation by December 2025
  • Promote social, physical, economic and psychological skills development for 600 women by December 2025


  • Increase equal access to quality formal education through provision of educational assistance for 3 750 children Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Manicaland by December 2025
  • Advocate for consistent formulation of child protection policies and enforcement of educational policies that increase access to education by December 2025
  • Construct, repair and resource 30 school infrastructure to advance child development by December 2025
  • Strengthen common care giving capacities combined with knowledge about appropriate nutrition and child stimulation by December 2025
  • Eliminate all forms of violence including stigma and discrimination against boys, girls and children with special needs by December 2025
  • Strengthen sustainable livelihoods production techniques for 900 vulnerable families by December 2025
  • Promote social inclusion of 450 children with special needs linking them to services and resources that improve their lifestyle by December 2025
  • Enhance access to information for boys, girls and children with special needs by December 2025
  • Strengthen 200 women’s access to resources, markets and capital for their education, social, economic, physical  and psychological skills development by December 2025
  • Capacitate 564 vulnerable boys, girls, children with special needs and 200 women with entrepreneurship resources for  sustainable income generation by December 2025


  • Child Development (Child Stimulation, Nutrition, Health, Education)
  • Child Protection
  • Women Empowerment
  • SustainableLivelihoods


  • Strategic Collaboration
  • Community Partnerships
  • Evidence Based Practices
  • Data –Informed Decisions
  • Professional Learning


Target Group

  • Orphan and Vulnerable Children between 0-17 years
  • Children with special needs
  • Children living in border areas
  • Caregivers especially the elderly
  • Women and girls


Manicaland Province

  • Rural Communities
  • Peri-urban
  • Farm Communities
  • Urban Areas ( for Children with Special Needs)
  • Border Communities

Source: Mwana Trust


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