CHRA Calls on Government to Increase Efforts in Addressing the Water Situation in Harare

Harare City Council claims that water production has augmented at Morton Jaffrey Water Works, however, the increase in figures of water production on paper is not reflective of the situation on the ground in most residential suburbs in Harare.

The water production Manager Engineer Chinyanya said: “Harare water has increased its water production from 173 mega litres to 240 mega litres per day since April 20 2020, and most of the suburbs are accessing water.”

However a survey conducted by CHRA information department revealed that areas such as Budiriro, Hatcliffe, Highlands, Mabvuku, Tafara and Greendale do not have water supplies. The water situation has forced residents to continue queuing at community boreholes, exposing them to the risk of the spread of Covid-19. Even the Council water bowsers are overwhelmed due to the high demand.

CHRA, has been imploring Harare City council to provide tap water to decongest water points in communities as these areas have potential risk of contracting and spreading the Coronavirus. Social distancing at water points remains theoretical as residents stampede for the precious liquid.

While CHRA appreciates the efforts being made by City of Harare to address the water shortages by providing water bowsers to communities and repairing some boreholes, the need to come up with long term interventions remains critical.

Residents need tap water on their door steps to make the lockdown a success and to fight against the spread and contracting the notorious Covid-19.

CHRA appeals to the central government to invest in the establishment of the water infrastructure through building of dams and fixing the water distribution network, which is key in providing a long term solution to the water challenges in Harare.

Source: Combined Harare Residents Association

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