CHRA Petitions Harare City Council to Cancel the Pomona Waste to Energy Deal

Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) has petitioned Harare City Council (HCC) to terminate the dubious Pomona Waste to Energy Deal.

The controversial deal between Georgenix company and HCC saw the City of Harare handing over Pomona Dumpsite for free to Georgenix while, the local authority is mandated to pay USD22 000 per day in the first year, with or without depositing waste at the Pomona Dumpsite.

The petition implored the Harare City Council to exercise its constitutional mandate by:

  • Rescinding the Council resolution on the Pomona Waste to Energy Project made on the 1909th Ordinary Council Meeting, of the 28th February 2022, in terms of Section 89(1)(a)(ii) of the Urban Councils Act 29:15 by giving a notice of motion to rescind the resolution.
  • Terminating the Memorandum of Agreement(MoA) between the City of Harare and Geogenix BV for the Pomona Waste to Energy Project.
  • Setting up a Special Committee in terms of the Urban Councils Act 29:15 Section 100 and conduct an Investigation or an Inquiry to the Pomona Waste to Energy Agreement and present the Report before the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

Private players that have been complementing the City’s efforts in refuse collection and waste management have suspended operations due to the unsustainable USD40 per tonne charged by Geogenix after the taking over of Pomona Dumpsite last month.

The termination of the Agreement feeds into the City of Harare Strategic Plan (2021-2025) strategic pillar “STOP THE BLEEDING” and contribute towards Harare achieving its World Class Status.

Furthermore, the Constitution of Zimbabwe Section 298(1)(d) call for public institutions including local authorities to ensure that public funds must be expended transparently, prudently, economically and effectively.

On the other hand, Section 308(3) of the Constitution gives duty of every person who has custody or control of public property to safeguard the property and ensure that it is not lost, destroyed, damaged, misapplied or misused.

CHRA believes that the agreement will sink the already financially distressed the local authority into a serious and unsustainable debt leading to total collapse of service provision.

Source: Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)

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