Day 9 of 12 Days of Action for Pre-October 2018 Salaries: Echoes from Kariba and the Rest of the Country

The day was a day full of very serious deliberations and focus by the brave teachers and citizens of Zimabwe. Disregarding the obvious lack of commitment from the NJNC where the proxies of the state sat down to deliberate everything and came up with nothing, regardless the real teachers of Zimbabwe have made a decision and the decision is the complete withdrawal of labour through the ARTUZ campaign which has received serious support not only from the profession but from the rest of society.

Teachers in Kariba today demonstrated their commitment and power during a CALA workshop where they openly waved placards and denounced the treatment of teachers by the government of Zimbabwe, the action was decisive and to the point with teachers showing how they are not pleased at all by the lack of will from the employer.

Teachers of Zimbabwe now is the time is to unite with the citizens of Zimbabwe to speak decisively and we encourage our beloved citizens to listen to our Education Radio and within the same framework add their own voices.

Source: ARTUZ

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