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The fifth edition of the Zimbabwe Peace Project’s COVID-19 accountability tracker is now available. This edition covers laws and policies pertaining to the management of the pandemic in Zimbabwe, livelihoods and social security, the right to health , rights of women and children among other things.


The pandemic is here to stay. The emergence of the third wave and complex variants requires that governments integrate policies and practices that protect its citizens from exposure and threat to life. The need for notable shift and alignment of budget priorities to strengthen healthcare delivery systems becomes inescapable, particularly in Zimbabwe’s public care and support centres.

The Statutory Instrument 77 of 2020 which was established to prevent,contain and treat COVID-19, the Public Health Order, is largely restrictive and punitive. The instrument pays more emphasis on what is not allowed and punishment thereof and little on the promotion of citizens’ well-being. Though the vaccination programme roll out recorded the one millionth jab,there is a need to address the livelihood question and continued infringement of human rights. The fifth edition of the COVID-19 Accountability Tracker covers related developments in the months April and May 2021 focusing on documented human rights violations and prejudices ensuing from the COVID-19 management measures instituted by the Government of Zimbabwe.

Read the full publication here (8MB PDF)

Source: Zimbabwe Peace Project

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