US Dollar Salaries: Economy Has Re-dollarised

The demand for United Stated dollars interbank indexed salaries has been overtaken by the fast tracked automatic re-dollarisation of the economy. Mangudya’s recent pronouncement of sticking to a mono local currency has been exposed as a lie designed to steal from workers who are being paid in the worthless local currency.

Workers purely live on the proceeds they get after selling their labour. It is only logical to pay all workers a United States dollar salary. For civil servants we still demand our September 2018 salaries last negotiated and agreed on in 2012. The current salary structures were negotiated by an illegal and fraudulently constituted APEX board.

We are calling for Mthuli Ncube and Mangudya to revoke their statutory instrument 142 of 2019, to save the teachers and general Zimbabweans from the current economic tragedy.

Businesses are underperforming and some are shutting down due to a decrease in aggregate demand caused by a massive erosion of the purchasing power of workers. The continuous shutting down of industries is negatively impacting on the education sector as majority of learners are dropping out of schools since their parents are now unemployed and cannot afford education.

The quality of education system is decreasing as teachers are demotivated by under valued RTGS$ salaries, some highly qualified and experienced teachers are exiting the country in search of green pastures, leaving a big gap in the education sector. This is because they cannot sustain the high cost of living engineered by Mthuli Ncube who is refusing to officially re-dollarise the economy.

The shortage of basic commodities on the market such as mealie meal and the black market forex trading that is fueling up prices and causing teachers and other workers to suffer are products of Mthuli Ncube and Mangudya’s demonic de-dollarisation policy that failed to stimulate productivity due inelastic investments.

The only immediate solution to our economic problems as teachers and workers in general is to be paid US$ salaries.

Source: Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ)

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