CHRA apalled by comments from Harare councillors

The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) is seriously appalled by maneuvers by Harare councilors seeking to push Harare Mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni to approve council’s 2018 budget which does very little to address service delivery .

CHRA would like to reiterate that the 2018 council budget does not in any way reflect the wishes of Harare residents especially given the fact that the budget consultative process was a mere formality with some of the consultative meetings being attended by less than 20 people.

Council held the consultative meetings on a very short notice and also, there was very little publicity around the meetings. Moreover, the council has failed to issue a comprehensive report on the 2018 budget consultative meetings.

The proposed $269.3 million budget does not prioritize service delivery with $114.8 million going towards salaries and this is in direct violation of the 30/70 salary-service delivery ratio.

Service delivery has largely suffered as a result of hefty salaries at council as well as unnecessary spending on sports and CHRA calls upon Harare councilors to ensure this anomaly is corrected and service delivery is prioritized.

CHRA is seriously dismayed by sentiments from Harare Councilors labeling us as “rogue residents associations” simply for opposing the 2018 council budget.

The councilors have claimed that they are elected officials and cannot be lead by residents associations and this is quite shocking to say the least especially given the fact that the councilors must be seen to be standing for residents rather than for them to dictate terms and conditions to people who elected them into office.

As CHRA, we will continue with our efforts to oppose the 2018 budget despite firm opposition from councilors.

CHRA firmly supports the decision by Harare Mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni not to sign the 2018 budget.

Source: Combined Harare Residents Association

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