Forced displacements amongst the indigenous Shangaan people in Chiredzi District

This paper focuses on the socio-economic implications of the proposed forced displacements amongst the indigenous Shangaan people in Chiredzi district. Firstly, the paper investigates the major reasons behind the government’s plans to forcefully displace the minority Shangaan ethnic group from their tribal lands. Secondly, the paper evaluates the possible socio-economic vulnerabilities to be experienced by the Shangaan people after the unplanned and forceful dispossession of their land by the Zimbabwean government. Herein, issues to be discussed on vulnerability are anchored on the discourses of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Human Development Index (HDI) and Human Rights (HR). In lieu of this, the paper interrogates the Shangaan people’s projected loss of livelihoods, cultural practices and identity, social capital, heritage cites and infringement of their land tenure and access rights to land. Thirdly and lastly, the paper discusses the implications of forced displacements in the context of domestic and international legislation and conventions.

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Source: Masvingo Centre for Research Advocacy and Development (MACRAD) Trust