The Combined Harare Residents Association joins the nation in commemorating and celebrating the Independence Day. The day comes at a time when the economy is burning and service delivery deteriorating with the health sector being the worst affected. Water and food security remain a challenge among residents while the government is reminded or ordered by tomorrow the courts to respect and protect human rights.

The emergence of the notorious COVID 19 pandemic have exposed the government both at local and central level’s failure to invest in the health and water infrastructure.

The poor health system has seen some senior government officials seek medical attention outside the country. This dereliction of duty has seen some government officials bragging success when women have been giving birth in homes in particular Mbare. The catch and release approach on those suspected to be involved in corruption has poured water on the sincerity and capacity of the “new dispensation to fight corruption.”

Chra notes with concern machinations to mutilate the constitution aimed at reversing democratic principles and values enshrined in the supreme law.

The continued interference of the central government in the affairs of local authorities has shown that government is not willing to cede power in line with the devolution clause Section 264 of the constitution. Failure to recognise the informal sector in improving the economy have proved to be fatal to the residents. CHRA calls on the immediate mechanisms and policy frameworks to accommodate the informal business.

As an Association we implore our government to:

  • Improve the health system in Zimbabwe by revamping dilapidated public health institutions-Enhance the economy through putting in place policies that promote foreign direct investment
  • Align all laws that govern public institutions with the Constitution of Zimbabwe
  • Stop the bleeding in public institutions by putting up mechanisms to fight corruption
  • Be genuine and sincere in fighting corruption that has affected performance of our public institutions
  • Fiscal Commitment in the 2021 budget to Increase water sources for the Harare Metropolitan Province
  • Depoliticisation of service delivery

Source: Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)