Statement on the Independence Day

The Youth Decide Zimbabwe (YDZ) joins the rest of the country in celebrating 42 years after the vigorously won Independence. We honor the sons and daughters of the soil who fought valiantly for more than fifteen years to exonerate the country from the colonial rule during the youthful era of Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi. After decades of melancholy and servitude from the British, our African nationalist together in solidarity with general populace, thrived in driving away the prior colonizers on this day in 1980 after the acquiesce of the Lancaster House agreement of 1979.

On this salient day therefore YDZ joins the country in celebrating the sacrifice demonstrated by our fellow comrades and their ability to lead in majority rule , as a necessity for national development. It is worth to note that the youth played a significant role during the liberation struggle, most of them dropped out of school, left everything behind and faced the common enemy towards the attainment of the universal goal Independence. We consent due honor to all those who took part and those who perished in the struggle. They surely planted a tree for us which we are supposed to undauntedly take care of.

It is however sad to note that after 42 years of Independence, the young people who now constitutes more than 67 percent of the total population are still grappling for inclusive economic empowerment. The growing poverty, lack of opportunities, limited academic freedom due unjustified fees hikes, unemployment, drug abuse, exorbitant health care and shrinking civic space has epitomized modern day Zimbabwe. The young people are absorbing the brunt of economic collapse. We implore with the government and responsible authorities to always give the youth enough space and attention, in relation to their ever changing needs, as provided by the National Constitution, African Youth Charter (AYC) and African Union Agenda 2063.

As the Youth Decide Zimbabwe, we strongly believe that our gallant sons and daughters fought for a Zimbabwe wherein young people from different backgrounds and with different disabilities are not judged by their background but are admired for their courage to express their real identity. As an organization, we had been and still advocating for a Zimbabwe wherein both marginalized and better youth are able to confidently voice their reasonable and critical thoughts, and therefore becoming part of conscious development in which they earn recognition as stakeholders and able to participate in decision making processes.

Let’s build, restore and transform Zimbabwe into a gem of Africa. As young people, we have to put hands on the deck and makes sure Zimbabwe on the world map, with dignity and values. Today our hearts have to sin g to the heavens and tears of courage swell into our eyes as we look up and salute to our Republican Flag. Hopefully, the 42 years should bring us prosperous, inclusive, resilient, bountiful and beautiful Zimbabwe.

Once we give our best to our country, Zimbabwe is a wonderful country.

Happy Independence Day Zimbabwe!

Source: Youth Decide Zimbabwe

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