Prospects for the realization of 50-50 gender representation in Zimbabwean politics


On the 8th of March, Zimbabwe joined the rest of the world to commemorate the 2020 International Women’s Day. This year’s edition runs under the theme: “I am generation equality: realizing women’s rights.” Influenced by the United Nations Women’s new multigenerational campaign dubbed: “Generation Equality”, the celebrations remind everyone to realize how diversity makes the society better placed to work towards equality, sustainable development and the consolidation of democracy. The theme is a wake-up call for state parties and other actors to work towards 50-50 representation of women and men in politics and decision making circles. As political institutions in Zimbabwe remain male-bloated, this policy paper envisions the prospects for the Southern African nation to realize 50-50 representation of women and men in political spheres. The paper starts by outlining the rationale and gender equality status quo in Zimbabwean politics before it envisions the prospects for realization of gender equality. The paper concludes with some thoughts on what it takes for Zimbabwe to turn the highlighted prospects into the actual realization the 50-50 representation of men and women in politics.

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Source: Tutuma