Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Newsletter

ZHRC ensures issuance of IDs

Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) continues to enforce its mandate of promoting and protecting human rights following its successful and timely intervention which saw 94 Hopley residents being assisted to get national identity documents which they had earlier on been allegedly denied by the Registrar General’s Office on the basis that they were aliens.

Accompanied by an official from the Election Resource Centre (ERC), the ninety-four residents who said they were representing the Hopley community, recently approached the ZHRC complaining of the conduct of the Registrar General’s Office. A representative of the complainants said ERC first took the group to Makombe Building where staff members refused to entertain them claiming they had reached their daily target which they failed to mention. She said by 0900 hours, the office was already turning away people.

“We are a large community therefore, not all of us can come to lodge a complaint.

More than 230 residents want IDs in order to register for the upcoming elections,” said the woman in her complaint.

On 26 January 2018, the ZHRC wrote to the Registrar General advising him to issue national identity cards to the complainants without delay. Following the intervention, most of the complainants have now been issued with the documents. The few that are still to get their documents are being attended to. ERC has since written to the ZHRC expressing its appreciation for the assistance.

When asked if the Hopley community is appreciative of the assistance it got from ZHRC, an ERC official said the number of the people assisted now surpasses 94.

“Forty-four people obtained national identity cards, 64 have obtained birth certificates and 40 were offered referral letters to their district offices from the Registrar General’s Office. Even up to now, we are still getting people who need assistance,” the official said.

Source: Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC)