The Strategies and Mechanisms for Effective Promotion of Minority Rights to Minimize Conflict in Zimbabwe

This paper argues that for effective respect, protection and promotion of minority rights to take place in modern day society, it must be supported by strong institutions and well-crafted pieces of legislation. The purpose of this research paper is to examine the strategies and mechanisms to protect, respect and promote minority rights by taking a careful and surgical analysis of the role of the government of Zimbabwe in promoting minority rights in the country. The paper argues that for effective protection and promotion of minority rights to occur, it must include those most affected in society and it must have platforms for sharing and collaboration. The paper starts with definitions of key concepts such as human rights, minority, minority rights and minority groups. The central argument of this research is that there is dire need to effectively protect and promote minority rights in Zimbabwe. In addition, there can be more effective strategies and mechanisms to protect and promote minority rights in Zimbabwe.

The major findings were that Zimbabwe made a whole mark achievement in crafting the 2013 Constitution which succinctly addresses the rights of minorities in tandem with international law and best practice compared to the Lancaster house constitution which was totally silent on minority rights. Furthermore, some of the rights provided for in the 2013 constitution are just aspirational as they only exist at policy level but are not implemented on the ground. The policy implications deriving from this research are that there is dire need to create strong institutions and implementation strategies for minority groups so that they seek redress in the event of an infringement. Furthermore, minority oppression and assimilations were entrenched by discriminatory and weak policies and pieces of legislation which made minority groups fail to fully enjoy their rights. The paper further seeks to analyze the effects of the different legislative mechanisms on respecting, promoting and protecting minority rights in Zimbabwe to achieve socio-economic development. The duty bearer, the right holder and the core interests of these pieces of legislation in effectively promoting minority rights will be subjected to detailed scrutiny. Recommendations for improvement will also be proffered on more effective strategies to respect, protect and promote minority rights.

Access the full paper here (407KB PDF)

Source: Bothwell Mussett Chitengu

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