YDZ Statement on the Forthcoming By-elections

Youth Decide Zimbabwe (YDZ) have noted the proclamation of the delayed and much-waited by-elections date by President Mnangagwa. The most important feature of a democratic society like Zimbabwe is the conduct of free, fair, credible and timeous elections. Before anything else, we unyieldingly reprove the dilatory of the Parliamentary and Local Council by-elections which were vacant since the year 2020. The postponement of by-elections was just and a successful repression of the constitutional rights of the citizens. We pleadingly charge the responsible authorities to always act as per constitutional obligations.

As a youth-led and nonpartisan organization which aims to address, support and promote youth participation and inclusion in all economic and socio-political spheres, through liberal and multifaceted approach, we fervently encourage the youth to participate in the forthcoming by-elections with great efficacy and determination. We strongly believe that voting is a civic right and responsibility which the youth must be providing guidance and direction as well as determining and protecting the outcomes. The youth must use elections as a potent to fight corruption, nepotism and authoritarian consolidation of power under all and any circumstances.

As the 26th of March get closer, we beseech with all sociopolitical stakeholders state agencies, members and leaders of different political parties, the civic society and special groups to be tolerant, respect the constitution and preserve the dignity of our polarity as a multi-party society. We encourage the youth and the generality of citizens across the Nation to boldly reject and renounce the ancient politics which characterized by violence, hate, blaming and sloganeering. It’s high time for us as the youth to strategically position ourselves as agents of national development and transformation.

Most of all, we implore with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to prove proficiency as obliged by the Constitution of Zimbabwe and the Electoral Act. In Zimbabwe, we have a record that after each election, other parties usually reject and dismiss the election results citing either inappropriate conduct or rigging. It’s worthwhile for ZEC and all State institution to take outstanding steps towards constructive correction of the systems and processes so as to dissipate from the past. As young people, we call for immediate, broad-based and progressive Electoral Reforms.

Source: Youth Decide Zimbabwe

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