Theft of Covid-19 Vaccination Cards: Distortion of Covid-19 Data & Information

Lately there have been media reports alleging the theft of Covid-19 vaccination cards which then find their way on to the black market for sale to un-vaccinated individuals. ZDI’s latest access to public health monitoring report gives us insights into these occurrences and the impact of distorted data in the public health sector. Read on!

Theft of Covid-19 Vaccination Cards and attendant effects

The government’s failure to address incapacitation of healthcare workers in Zimbabwe is proving to be catalyst of corrupt activities across many health centres in Zimbabwe. The requirement of Covid-19 vaccination evidence in form of vaccination cards in some employment and leisure spheres has seen members of the public scrambling for vaccination cards without necessarily going through the normal and accepted vaccination process. Cases of Covid-19 vaccination cards’ theft and disappearance from vaccination centres have found their way into mainstream media in Zimbabwe. An enquiry carried out by the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI) revealed that details of people buying Covid-19 vaccination cards are entered into the official vaccination database. It therefore suffices to say the reported number of people vaccinated by 30 September 2021 consists of a figure of people who bought the vaccination cards and have their details entered into official data base. There’s a risk of chasing a dummy Covid-19 herd immunity if the rot in the public health sector is not urgently addressed.

Government’s health facilities visits: Action is what matters most

The government through deputy Minister of Health and Child Care Dr John Mangwiro this September has visited a number of public health facilities across the country. This comes against a background of an unprecedented deterioration of the country’s healthcare infrastructure coupled with healthcare personnel brain drain. The major contributing factors to this situation are severe social and economic challenges that continue bedeviling Zimbabwe. Of much concern is the state of public healthcare facilities in the rural areas.

Read the full report here (565KB PDF)

Source: Zimbabwe Democracy Institute

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