Communique on the National Convergence for Transformation hosted by Crisis Coalition

Civil society organizations under the banner of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and other key stakeholders including war veterans, women’s groups, youths, students, labour, the informal sector, marginalized populations, the diaspora, the church, human rights institutions, the academia and the business community met virtually on July 15, 2021 as part of a dialogue series to discuss the issue of a national convergence in light of the continued crises in Zimbabwe.

Participants expressed concern over the continued multi-faceted crisis bedeviling Zimbabwe which has been characterized by closure of the democratic space, militarization of civilian politics, a deepening constitutional crisis, continued economic downturn, gross high level corruption and deteriorating social service delivery all of which point to a negation of virtues of the liberation struggle.

Participants noted with concern, the failure by the government to uphold fundamental human rights enshrined in the constitution and the continued clampdown on pro-democracy forces and civil society organizations.

Participants expressed concern over the continued clampdown on livelihoods and dis-placements arising from government sanctioned demolitions of informal traders’ structures and houses. A few people connected to the elite are capturing the country whilst the majority, including workers and farmers wallow in poverty.

Participants expressed concern over the failure of nationhood in Zimbabwe as a result of the lack of political will in dealing with past atrocities such as the Gukurahundi massacres. The country is deeply divided along race, ethnic, political and class lines. Participants to the National Convergence for Transformation meeting acknowledged the role of civil in pushing for a democratic and economically developed Zimbabwe as well as the need to establish points of synergy in the struggle for a better Zimbabwe.

The meeting therefore resolved the following:

  • Convene an all working people’s convention and push for an inclusive all stakeholders dialogue as a way of unlocking the Zimbabwean crisis
  • Return Zimbabwe to civilian politics by engaging the government and guarantee the gains of the liberation struggle- one person one vote
  • In light of the deep polarization in the country, facilitate real and inclusive dialogue towards nation building across political, racial, class, gender and ethnic lines
  • Together fashion a new social contract between the government and citizens where the constitution, and no party or leader, is supreme. Zimbabwe does not want another Super President.
  • Acknowledge and engage the diaspora on economic, governance and political reforms in Zimbabwe as well as facilitate and strengthen solidarity/ development structures at a regional, continental and global level and to leverage on this potential
  • Commission a team of respected local faith based leaders, supported by other African regional leaders to facilitate national convergence in Zimbabwe, lead the search for truth, healing, reconciliation and justice as part of the foundations of an inclusive, peaceful and prosperous nation.

Source: Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

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