ARTUZ Seeks Inspiration From Our National Heroine Mbuya Nehanda About the Crisis in the Education Sector

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe yesterday on the 2nd of June 2021 visited the statue of Mbuya Nehanda in the Harare Central Business District to seek inspiration from the works that symbolizes Mbuya Nehanda which are patriotism, defiance of injustice and an undying spirit of bravery and clarity on making Zimbabwe better.

ARTUZ is concerned by the rot in the education sector and total unwillingness of those in power to reform the sector, the problems affecting the education sector include poor teacher remuneration, degrading quality of education which has seen a rising crisis of poor pass rates, lack of alternative universal access to education during the Covid-19 induced lockdowns and saw no learning taking part for those who are from poor backgrounds and they represent the majority with only a few elites having access to education.

The Nehanda visit also marked a turning point in the struggle for a better education sector as ARTUZ was more emboldened and found complete purpose through appreciating the role Mbuya Nehanda played and her prophecy that her ‘bones shall rise again’ has a continuous positive influence on all elements of Zimbabwean society as in this remarkable case of teachers coming together to take a stand. ARTUZ will stand steadfast in immortalizing Mbuya Nehanda not through mere empty rhetoric but through selfless action that will benefit the entire nation.

The #SaveOurEducationZW campaign has intensified as ARTUZ promises to have teacher dignity restored through having teachers paid a living wage and our learners having unlimited access to their learning so that they contribute to national development.

Source: ARTUZ

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