NAYO and Partners Petition Parliament Over the Re-introduction of National Youth Service

The National Association of Youth Organizations (NAYO) together with its partners petitioned Parliament of Zimbabwe over the re-introduction of the National Youth Service. The petition was delivered to Parliament on 5 May 2021.

The issues of concern raised by NAYO include the following:

  • The government should reconsider the proposed re-introduction of the NYS until such a time as there is a national consensus on the policy guiding the programme.
  • The implementation of the NYS programme under the First Republic was characterised by activities that led to a perception and belief that it was a ruling partly programme, and therefore there was abuse of incumbency.
  • The proposed introduction of the programme several months into the Financial Year begs the question: where are the funds to roll out the programme being derived from? Are the funds being channelled from another objective that was approved by Parliament in order to resuscitate the controversial programme?

Read the full petition here(2MB PDF)

Source: National Association of Youth Organizations