ARTUZ Response on the Postponement of June 2021 “O” and “A” Level Examinations by Cabinet

The recently announced postponement of “O” and “A” level June 2021 examinations by the government of Zimbabwe, while a good move, the timing was wrong as the damage has already been done.

Failure to address the errors and shortfalls in the education sector has pushed this government into a knee jerk reaction mode every time, they refused to accommodate the concerns that ARTUZ registered a few months ago of throwing focus on a deteriorating situation.

It is an undeniable situation that COVID-19 has shape shifted and contorted every element of society and changed the modus operandi of the global society and Zimbabwe is no exception but what makes the situation in Zimbabwe more worrisome is that we are being led by an unrepentant, arrogant and ignorant regime that sees stakeholders as a threat to their power.

Unilateral postponement of examinations through the media will not rescue the situation, the government can postpone examinations until 2030 but as long as they keep ignoring the central issues that are plaguing our education then this announcement will remain a high sounding nothing.

ARTUZ is calling upon the government of Zimbabwe to start providing the much needed relief through upgrading the quality of education, restoring teacher dignity through proper renumeration and the government also needs to start considering consulting critical stakeholders on issues of education, unilaterally throwing decisions that are not founded on logic and reality is a danger.

Source: ARTUZ

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