Crisis Coalition appalled by SADC inaction over Mozambican crisis

The Crisis Coalition is dismayed by the continued lack of action by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in dealing with the frightening killings being perpetrated by the terrorists in the Northern part of Mozambique.

Credible reports from Save the Children indicate that children as young as 11 are being beheaded in Mozambique.

Save the Children said it had spoken to displaced families who described “horrifying scenes” of murder, including mothers whose young sons were killed. In one case, the woman hid, helpless, with her three other children as her 12-year-old was murdered nearby.

We reiterate our position that the regional body must show muscle by deploying forces to stop this inhumane act as boldly pronounced by our 11 November 2020 statement after the beheading of more than 50 people in the village of Aldeia da Paz outside Macomia in Northern Mozambique.

The Coalition is convinced that SADC has both a humanitarian and geopolitical responsibility to end this madness which is potential for regional instability.

We are appalled and disappointed by the seemingly disinterest being exhibited by SADC to decisively act on the insurgency. It is a shame to learn that US Marines have already been deployed to help in the fight against terrorism in Mozambique yet the US Marines’ role should have been to compliment the initiative by SADC.

We therefore implore the SADC leadership to learn from the Frontline States leaders who opened their economies to support one another. In the same vein, SADC must ensure Mozambique and Tanzania are urgently assisted to thwart extremism.

In line with our regional solidarity strategy, we will be convening a special Civic Society Organizations Regional Summit to discuss the Mozambican crisis and other troubled spots in the SADC region.

Source: Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

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