ZINWA taking Mvuma residents for granted

Everyone is under siege as each individual strives to eke a living. A lot of people have since stopped going to work, and this has cut off income sources for most families. Imagine you tied to your homestead and you are not expected to travel without approval from recognized statutory or legitimate authorities. I think this is the time when most people are just frustrated by uncountable events in their lives. When a government decrees a lockdown common sense should tell you that all necessary measures and standards are already properly put in place to ensure life goes on unhindered. That is all services are expected to run smoothly, providing the required life saving opportunities for all.

ZETDC or her allied subsidiary sister, ZESA are supposed to ensure electricity power is available all the time during this Covid-19 pandemic. One would expect ZINWA to live up to the institution’s promise to deliver uninterrupted water supply at all times, especially given that this year our Heavenly Father removed all rain water stop corks as above normal rainfall has been received in most if not all parts of the country.

As I write this short story my eyes are welling with tears as I struggle with trying to understand the reasons why ZINWA in Mvuma has decided to throw people under a Covid-19 moving bus by holding water supplies to residents of Mvuma. Today is the third day with no water supply, and this is a catalyst condition for endangering people’s lives. People are crowding at the few Boreholes that are sparsely distributed in the dormitory mining village town which is exponentially growing very fast.

ZINWA has been taking people of Mvuma for granted and unfortunately residents cannot take ZINWA to task because they are afraid to be labeled as enemies of state as any contrary view raised against this useless body is likened to attacking the powers that be, especially the political one as most people who occupy influential positions were politically pointed to the seat.

If ZINWA continues to abdicate her responsibility of supplying safe and adequate drinking water to residents, it’s no surprise that Covid-19 cases will immediately spike with deaths rising to unprecedented levels. Mvuma will soon be counted among the top most Covid-19 affected village town. My plea goes to those who are in positions of authority to call ZINWA to order and do their duty bearer role by restoring water supplies to Mvuma residents before the Covid-19 health time bomb explodes. We are already under painful lockdown conditions and we don’t expect a worse lockdown for water supplies by ZINWA. Please ZINWA Mvuma office, don’t be a cruel catalyst for causing suffering for people as withholding water supplies is like putting over someone’s mouth an asphyxiation object as a rude method for shortening their (people’s) lives.

Help us to tell ZINWA to act responsibly. We are fed up with ZINWA’s behaviour.

Source: Kubatana subscriber, via WhatsApp

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