Community urged to uphold Ubuntu

Calls for donations to construct a home for a member of the community, Nothando Mlalazi (39), in Robert Sinyoka did not fall on deaf ears as community leaders have managed to acquire resources to start the construction of the house.

Various organisations such as the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD), Hope for A Child in Christ (HOCIC), Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA), among others, chipped in to contribute towards the building of the house.

Although the community is facing water problems, with the nearest borehole kilometers away from the construction site, community members managed to fetch water enough to mould bricks that will construct a one roomed house.

Speaking during a progress review meeting, Member of Parliament for Pumula Constituency Honourable Sichelesile Mahlangu commended efforts by the youths and women for demonstrating a united front.

“I really appreciate the job that has been done by the youths in the community. It was not an easy task to fetch water from such a distant place but our youths in this community did not tire to fetch water and we managed to mold sufficient bricks to build the house. I urge you to continue with your good work and keep united,” Honourable Mahlangu said.

The Chairman of the Village Development Committee, Mr. Sam Maseko raised his concern that there is one borehole which is the only source of water for the whole community, and appealed with the Member of Parliament to mobilise resources for the resuscitation of other boreholes.

“We have a water problem here at Robert Sinyoka. Some of our boreholes are no longer working. We use one borehole. As we build this house, we need water but fetching it is a problem as everyone goes to one place to find the precious liquid,” he said.

Sithembiso Ncube, a young woman who has been working together with other community members also expressed her agony over the water situation and called on the government to help with the construction of more boreholes as women and children bear the brunt of fetching water.

“Women and children are suffering as they have to fetch water faraway. Most of these homes are headed by grandparents who are not able to fetch water anymore. Children have to go and fetch water and risk being exposed to COVID-19 because many of them do not have any masks or sanitizers,” said Ncube.

Ncube added: “Most of our youths here do not have masks and we do not have sanitizers. The borehole is not sanitized and when we fetch water there, we are risking our lives but there is nothing we can do because we need water to survive.”

The Chairman of the Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA), Mr. Mandlenkosi Gumunyu highlighted that more resources are needed in order to complete the house.

“I realize that so much work has been done and so many resources have been mobilised in such a short space of time. More resources remain outstanding such as concrete, river sand, window frames and nails in order for us to complete this house and we hand it over soon to the beneficiary,” he said.

Source: Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD)

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