Incapacitation of Health Workers Due to Low Remuneration

Further to our 23 of May 2020 communication to the employer citing harsh macro economic conditions characterized by hyperinflation exchange rate volatility, and three tier pricing system, the Health Apex position suggested a need for a Cost of Living Adjustment in the second quarter of 2020. Sadly up to now, no formal communication has been received from the employer by was of writing or convening of the HSBNP.

Since that date up to now the social-economic situation has continued to deteriorate with the inflation rate reaching 780% and the and exchange rate reaching over ZWL $90 to 1 USD. The bread basket for a family of 6 as measured by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe is now pegged at ZWL $8,500. The current ZWL $3,000 salaries can’t sustainably take care of the families of health care workers under the prevailing socio-economic situation.

Again the Health Sector Specific Allowances which were awarded backdated to 1 January 2020 were not paid according to the CBA 2 of 2020. That back pay has been eroded by inflation. To that end, the Healthcare workers are economically incapacitated to continue reporting for duty until the remuneration package is reviewed to their satisfaction.

We have noted with great concern the circular on various media platforms that the government has offered USD75 as Covid1-9 allowance across board and this is applaudable as this is a global trend during this pandemic. However, we as health care workers await for a communique based on CBA on our allowances pegged in United States Dollars, our members have rejected the current offer of USD 75 with the contempt it deserves.

The Healthcare worker demands that salaries revert back to the 1st of October digits that were pessed in USD Which is a stable currency that can store value of that salary. In that way, pensions, savings, medical aid, funeral policies will not continue to be eroded.

This letter serves to inform you that the health care workers as you might have witnessed have already taken matters into their hands and have withdrawn their services.

Therefore we would like to officially communicate as the Health Apex that health workers have withdrawn their services with immediate effect until our demands have been met.

  • Zimbabwe Nurses Association
  • Zimbabwe Health Workers Union
  • Zimbabwe Pharmacy Technicians Association
  • Zimbabwe Government Radiographers Association
  • Zimbabwe Environmental Health Practitioners Association
  • Zimbabwe Medical Rehabilitation Technicians Association
  • Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association
  • Nurse Aides Association of Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe Health Services Administrators Association
  • Zimbabwe Confederation on Midwives
  • Senior Hospital Doctors Association
  • Association of Medical Specialists Training in Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe Professional Nurses Union

Source: Zimbabwe Health Apex Council

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