Dancing on the Same Spot: Survey Report on Citizens’ Perceptions and Expectations


This report presents the findings from the second nation-wide survey carried out by SIVIO Institute in November and December 2019, which sought to measure and understand citizens perceptions on governments (local and central) performance and what governments priorities should be. The survey conducted and report produced allows us as SIVIO to also ascertain and gauge citizens perceptions on how government is performing in converting the promises made during the campaign in the run up to the 2018 elections. The survey also sought to understand how government’s priorities match citizens’ expectations. The interviewed respondents were randomly selected from within and around urban, peri-urban and rural Zimbabwe across the 10 Provinces, targeting a balance between the sexes (i.e. male and female) as well as age groups above 18 years. A total of 2 665 respondents were interviewed for this survey.

The report has three main sections; the first part provides a broad overview of what is taking place at the national level in terms of government’s initiatives, the second part discusses the findings from the field in a more detailed manner and the final part provides a conclusion and suggestions on what could be done to resolve the growing chasm between what government does and what citizens expect it to do.

Unfortunately, there is no good news coming out of Zimbabwe at the moment. The newspaper headlines are mostly focused on; allegations of corruption in high offices, rumours of squabbles amongst political leaders in the two major parties, collapse of social service delivery and a sense of despair. The bromance between citizens and the ‘new’ leadership in the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) seems to have quickly died down and, in its place, we have returned to high level s of mistrust and a gridlock on how to proceed.

Download executive summary here (555KB PDF) and full report here (5MB PDF)

Source: Sivio Institute

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