Masvingo Lockdown Monitoring Update: 4 May 2020


Hundreds of people in Masvingo town returned to work after four weeks lockdown. Day two after the President E.D. Mnangagwa extended the lockdown with two weeks with the re-opening of industry and commerce. In Masvingo CBD it was business as usual even illegal moneychangers were back in streets and some at their usual places. During mid morning along Hofmeyer Street just behind the Central Police station a Mercedes Benz AFF 1894 who is suspected to be money changer people were queuing to do business. The car has remained untouched today even after hoards of other suspected money changers were swooped by the CID. It is illegal to change money without a licence and Government last week froze accounts belonging to more than 100 companies suspected to be dealing in forex.

In fighting COVID 19 Zimbabwe Citizen initiative have donated non-contact infrared thermometers, hand sanitizers, 2000 masks and gloves to Masvingo City Council. Zimbabwe Citizen Initiative coordinator, Welington Mahohoma alludes that they fail to donate to government institutions like Masvingo General Hospital and other institutions as they need a directive from head office before expect these donations.

More so nurses at Masvingo general hospital are on go slow. Admitted patients were not receiving treatment as nurses were in need of protective clothing. Nurses were arguing that attaining patients without protective masks and gloves will be putting their life on risk. Patients were forced to buy their own protective clothes, which there will give the nurses so that they will be attained. At some pharmacy mask were being sold at $1us and $87rtgs at some shops. Many people in town were putting home made masks and in residential locations few residents were putting these masks.
In Chiredzi west, Ward 18 citizens are facing a big challenges as far as the Law enforcement agents operations is concerned. Reports from peace club members alludes that, law enforcers are harassing residents who will be willing to travel to the District Hospital to get their medications. The officers’ harass the residents without even listening to their pleas at bus terminuses. The only health center in ward 18 is Collins Saunders hospital which only accommodate Tangaat Hullets workers hence residents in ward 18, 6, 16 and triangle residents who are not Tangaat Hullets workers will seek medical attention in Chiredzi town. The distance which residents travel to get a health center is more than 30kms hence more people face harassment on the way and some are being turned home before arrived at the hospital. In addition, in Chiredzi rural district ward 18-food distribution is highly partisan as the Member of Parliament honorable Musikavanhu is taking full control of the operation, prioritizing his party members despite the establishment of food committee which comprises of church leaders, war vets, member from ward development committee, war vets and peace club member Pastor Sibanda.


Masvingo Centre for Research Advocacy and Development (MACRAD) Trust is an independent Zimbabwean Civil Society institution committed to the development of socio-economic rights and agrarian systems that enhance equitable land rights and sustainable land uses throughout Zimbabwe. MACRAD interacts with various organizations and communities to assist them in developing capacity for policy formulation and research. It also facilitates policy dialogue among communities, governments, academics, civil society and others on land and agrarian development, especially the land rights of marginalized social groups. Masvingo Center for Research Advocacy and Community Development (MACRAD) is driven by a desire to contribute towards improved rural livelihoods that should lead to greater capacities for the rural poor to determine their own destinies and contribute towards national development. MACRAD’s approach entails encouraging continuous policy debates and refinement of policy. This is achieved through generation and provision of research based information, platforms for dialogue, creating and nurturing a policy community in Zimbabwe. The ambition of Masvingo Center for Research Advocacy and Community Development (MACRAD) is to provide leadership in socio-economic justice and land-agrarian policy processes, to become a Centre of Excellence and remain an independent and credible center for knowledge on social and economic justice.

Source: Masvingo Centre for Research Advocacy and Development (MACRAD) Trust

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