What about my flu-like symptoms?

I live in Victoria Falls and I have plenty of access with tourists and I have been having flu like symptoms since end of February, like 28 / 29 February. So I was like OK, let me be a responsible citizen of Zimbabwe and go to Wilkins and get tested, and get isolated before I go home. This was when I had first arrived in Harare. I got there, there’s a bit of a queue but nobody is there to say ‘OK you line up here this is the procedure’ whatnot. So, I get to the front of this queue and I say, “I’d like to be tested because I’ve got flu symptoms and I’ve been in contact with numerous tourists.”

And then they were like “no we are not going to test you, we’re only testing people who can bring evidence that they’ve had contact with somebody who is positive with COVID-19.”

But then I was like, “no but I’ve had so much contact with tourists.”

And they were like, “does every tourist have Coronavirus?”

Then I’m like “but my flu symptoms?”

Then they were like “no,” then they sent me on my way. That’s about it. It’s very disappointing but I guess at the time they didn’t have enough test kits, but they didn’t even take my temperature or ask what my symptoms are or if they align with Corona. They didn’t ask that at all.

Source: 24 year old Vic Falls / Harare resident

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