Promoting the Participation of Vendors in Economic, Policy and Legislative Processes

Vendors Initiative for Social Economic Transformation (VISET), in collaboration with Edzai Isu Trust, hosted a Constitutional Awareness Indaba for the informal Traders operating in Harare’s Central Business District, Hopely High Density Location and Epworth High Density Location. The major objective of the Indaba was to enhance informed citizen participation through upholding and respecting the Constitution of Zimbabwe. The indaba was also attendant by Public Transport Operators based in Harare and Harare City Council Informal Sector Committee which was represented by Councillor Denford Ngadziore who is the Deputy Chairperson of the same committee. In delivering their opening remarks the Executive Director of VISET, Mr Samuel Wadzai and the Director of Edzai Isu Trust Mr Obrien Makore urged participants to ensure that they take the workshop with the seriousness that it deserved so that as citizens they can be better placed to use the constitution to enjoy their rights and be able to participate in all crucial national processes.

The workshop was facilitated by one of Harare’s most well-regarded lawyers Advocate Mudzonga who was supported by a seasoned gender and woman’s rights activist Ms Margaret Mutsvamvi. The two started by unpacking the constitutional provisions that relates to Governance and Accountability in Zimbabwe. The programme was then divided into three broad segments. The first segment focused on defining the Constitution and the fundamental rights and freedoms set out in Chapter 4 of the Constitution while the second segment focused on what is civic education and independent commissions supporting democracy as set out in Chapter 12.

The last segment drew focus on what citizen participation means by unpacking devolution as set out in Chapter 14 and Some of the specific topics that were covered include:

  • Constitutional Awareness and Knowledge
  • The notion of Civic Education
  • Active citizenry
  • Civic Education Knowledge
  • Skills for Active Citizenship
  • Common problems facing civic education in their respective areas
  • The notion of Citizen Participation and the skills needed to promote it.

Source: Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation (VISET)

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