Values and Principles Informing Devolution Bill in Zimbabwe

Devolution should never be a piecemeal review and enactment of laws. HAMREF believes that the following provisions of the Constitution of Zimbabwe should inform discussion on values and principles on Devolution.

Respect for the people of Zimbabwe from whom authority to govern is derived as stated on Section 3(2)(f), forms the hallmark of devolution values and principles. Citizens must be involved in formulation and Implementation of development plans as stated on Section 13(3) of the Constitution.

Section 3(2)(j) requires government at every level to ensure equitable sharing of resources including land. Sections 13(1)(d), (3) and (4) buttress this point by obliging government entities to bring balanced development in different areas of Zimbabwe, equal opportunities particularly for women and ensure local communities benefit from resources in their areas.

Section 3(2)(I) calls for devolution of government power and functions. They should be devolved Provincial and Metropolitan Councils as well as Local Authorities specified on Section 5 of the Constitution. And these structures must be adequately resourced as specified on Section 9(2) of the Constitution.

#DevolutionInOurLifeTime #LeaveNoResidentBehind

Source: Harare Metropolitan Residents Forum (HAMREF)

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