NewThinking Review: Towards an Open and Accountable Government – Context and Way Forward for Zimbabwe

About NewThinking Development

NewThinking Development is an initiative led by young people that encourage collective action between government, the private sector and civil society to promote citizen focused innovation and policy-making. The NewThinking approach is premised on the philosophy that lasting solutions to challenges must be designed, developed and implemented domestically. This ensures ownership, sustainability and offers the greatest chance to transform human lives.

In the context of its efforts to encourage citizens focused innovation and policy making, the NewThinking Review Publication is providing an analysis of important transformative reforms from an open government approach in Zimbabwe.

This series of the NewThinking Review presents important facts and analysis ‘Towards an Open and Accountable Government: Context and Way Forward for Zimbabwe’. Focusing on the following elements:

  1. Context and open government approach.Introduction to the political and socio-economic environment in Zimbabwe and how an open government agenda can be realized.
  2. Thematic areas to advance open government reforms. Discuss important areas to advance open government reforms, challenges and possible recommendations.
  3. Lessons that Zimbabwe can learn from other countries. Impact and transformation achieved by countries implementing open government reforms.

Source: NewThinking Development

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