Feedback on the Maintenance of Peace and Order Bill

Parliament of Zimbabwe is currently receiving feedback from the public on the Maintenance of Peace and Order Bill.

Veritas has said “the draft Bill is not new wine in an old bottle; it is the same old wine in the same old bottle with a new label stuck on it.”

They have also raised concerns that certain section of the Bill are, or may be, contrary to the Constitution.

We invited our subscribers to share their thoughts on this Bill. Some of the feedback we received includes:

  • Good afternoon on the issue of maintaining the Peace Order Bill. The Parliament itself has to work together as a team as far as commitment and willingness is concerned. The Parliament has to commit themselves to work as a team to bring peace and order to greater heights. Thank you!
  • Apa voda kusunga the appointed person instead of listening to the demands of the demonstrator. Guyz read this amendment before its signed into law
  • This Bill must be removed from this earth, it’s being redesigned to work in a different was but producing the same restrictions. Please let’s campaign to do away with controlling people because this what Ian Smith and his forefathers did. We need a change for the better.
  • Hello Kubatana. Thanks for the effort you are doing to describe this POSA amendment bill. My concern is that Zanu PF will never change. Anything done by Zanu PF must be taken with a pinch of salt. If we look at the new dispensation when they were saying they were going to change in 2017, they were going to change everything there’s going to be no more dictatorship and the likes, and we saw in January that was not the case, and they killed people, shot people in the streets, in August last year and this year in January they did the same. Mnangagwa is Zanu PF, and Zanu PF will remain Zanu PF, it will never change, so as such we don’t need this amendment either neither do we need POSA. POSA must be plucked out of our law, our system. Our laws don’t require those controls. We’ve had these controls for more than 200 years now and nobody has ever had mercy on us. We are being trumped upon by these governments, these governments are being controlled by the CIA because they are the ones that want chaos in Africa so that we don’t equitably distribute our resources as a result they will use our resources in the future in the future generations to come. That’s why they want superiorist versus peporous, sub-superiosrist. So we don’t want this please, we are sick and tired of this problem. We want a democratic dispensation that has in mind the people’s beliefs and wants. People want freedom and freedom is not compromised and freedom is not given by the very person that oppresses you. Freedom can only be acquired by people when they liberate themselves and confront the system and change it by themselves. The longer an opposition party takes to get into power under a dictatorship, the worse it becomes, most likely it will be like its predecessor. Why? Because the ruling party penetrates the opposition parties clandestinely as activists etc I n order for them to change their minds. Our quest here is as Zimbabweans. If we look at MDC it has already become like a dictator as well because if they can’t allow Mwonzora to contest the presidency of that party then they make noise, those are the very same Zanu PF cadres who were coming into the rallies where Chamisa is addressing. So as a result, like the one they’re addressing in Mutare that is synonymous with Zanu PF and Zanu PF is within MDC and as a result we must be careful. Those people who come dressed in red colours make a lot of noise the vanguards who call them they are the Zanu PF youths send clowns down there to come and manipulate and destabilize the system MDC is trying to introduce to our count democracy. Cry the beloved country. We will soldier on we will not give up to change the system, we don’t want to change Zanu PF we want to change the system. If Zanu PF changes its system today, to a democratic system which we can trust, we’ll follow it, but if it doesn’t, we’re not going to follow it, I’m sorry to say this we are not going to follow it. I thank you, thank you.
  • Thank you we need to tell the government that we don’t want any POSA nor do we want a replacement of anything like it. What was made by Ian Smith is what he did no any other wording can replace its vampire, blood sucking aim it was designed for. The only way forward is remove it from the face of the earth, period

Source: Kubatana