CSOs call for government action on election recommendations

Civic Society Organisations (CSOs) met on 15 February to discuss electoral reforms with an intention to influence government to enforce the recommendations made by local and international observers during the 2018 harmonised elections.

At least 15 CSOs in Bulawayo focusing on elections and governance attended the meeting, giving suggestions on what government should do to improve electoral laws.

Tawanda Chimhini, the Executive Director of Election Resource Centre (ERC) said the legal framework on elections and laws governing political parties are inconsistent.

“There are no adequate provisions for political parties to contest as equals yet there should be a level playing field.

“There should also be enforcement of punitive measures to deter political violence. There were massive instances of intimidation and violence during elections and these went unpunished,” said Chimhini.

In addition, civic society organisations noted that the government should have conducted postal voting in a more transparent manner.

Mention was also made on the government’s role in improving the political environment so that it is conducive for all political parties. They also noted that a politically conducive environment will prevent violence and intimidation.

Source: Women’s Institute for Leadership Development

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