Police arrest suspects for torching AMH newspapers

Vendors selling the NewsDay and Zimbabwe Independent published by Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) were on 11 October 2018 attacked by some youths who went on to burn the newspapers in Harare’s central business district.

Wisdom Mdzungairi, NewsDay editor, confirmed the incident saying 10 people had been arrested in connection with the incident.

Earlier, AMH Chairperson, Trevor Ncube, had tweeted:

Approximately 8.30 am today a group of young men transported in 2 cars attacked @NewsDay and @ZimbabweIndependent vendors and burnt newspapers. This was a well organised operation. The culprits are at Harare Central Police Station.

As this was happening, Deputy Minister of Information, Energy Mutodi … called NewsDay editor @wisdommdzungairi … threatening that he would fight AMH if we did not adjust the cover price of our newspapers.

AMH increased the cover prices of its daily and weekly publications from $1 to $2 and $2 to $4 respectively with effect from 10 October 2018 saying this was aimed at weathering the “current economic storm” and continue providing premium news content to the public.

MISA Zimbabwe position

MISA Zimbabwe commends the police for swiftly arresting the suspects and calls for thorough investigations into the matter.

The full wrath of the law should be allowed to take its course. This will send a clear message to would-be other offenders that these wanton acts of lawlessness and serious violation of media rights will not be tolerated and allowed to continue without punishment.

Source: MISA Zimbabwe