Heal Zimbabwe calls for peace and stability

Heal Zimbabwe calls for peace and tolerance during this period of heightened political polarization in Zimbabwe where the military have taken charge of Government in Zimbabwe. We applaud the peaceful conduct of citizens this far and continue to urge and encourage all citizens to shun violent behavior and uphold peace as the situation in the country remains uncertain. The organization also calls on all political parties and social groups to maintain peace and reign in on errant supporters who might be bent on perpetrating violence and hate speech during this period.

To the media, both public and private and citizens with access and in control of social media, we encourage them to continue reporting responsibly and desist from inflammatory intolerant and inciteful language which breeds hate, labelling and dehumanization of fellow citizens. This should be done in the interest of security of citizens, national peace and tolerance of diversity of opinion, an important hallmark of the democratic developmental state we seek to build.

HZT also appeals to the military to uphold the Constitution by ensuring that the treatment of citizens in its custody is in compliance with the protection of their human rights and civil liberties. They should be brought to book using the proper, formal constitutional channels as espoused by section 50 of the Constitution, which stipulates that they be: 1) treated humanely and with respect for their inherent dignity; 2) permitted access to their lawyers and medical practitioners; 3) brought before a court within 48 hours after they were detained.

Heal Zimbabwe is on record calling for the operationalization of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC), a commission charged with the promotion of national healing, unity and cohesion and the peaceful resolution of disputes. The current turmoil in the country also speaks volumes of the dire consequences of failing to operationalize the NPRC in time even against a history littered with unresolved cases of politically motivated violence and violations.

The organization also calls upon the Military to uphold peace and security through guaranteeing the well-being of all Zimbabweans and ensure the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms and the rule of law.

Source: Heal Zimbabwe

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