Gunning down people, legitimacy and hope: Zimbabwe’s July 30 Democracy & Legitimacy Test, Forward to The Past

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Post-Election Briefing Paper

This briefing paper is a culmination of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition observations and analysis in the run up to, during and immediately after the July 30 Elections. It uses political legitimacy as its analytics and is fed by a series of 2018 Election Fact sheets and statements that the Coalition put out during this period. The paper establishes the following key points:

  • The July 30 2018 Election failed to demilitarize civilian political processes, a mandate that the election carried in the after math of the November 2017 coup.
  • The July 30 Election process failed to meet the democratic test, and as a result the emergent state lacks political legitimacy.
  • Given the two points above, the election was supposed to represent Zimbabwe’s return to norm compliance through demilitarizing of political processes and a credible election. Failure means that Zimbabwe is back to similar political movement to the 2008 election impasse with a governance and legitimacy crisis looming, undergirded by a military dictatorship.

Source: Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

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