Bubi Community Gets Solar Powered Piped Water System

Villagers in Dromoland, Bubi ward 12 can now access clean pipped water following the commissioning of a solar powered piped water system recently.

The water scheme, which was installed through proceeds from the Community Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE) is seen as a panacea in addressing perennial water challenges bedeviling the district. The piped water scheme will in turn reduce walking distances and time spent by women in fetching water.

Over 35 households will benefit from this improved water system.

The installation of a piped water system in the village is attributed to Habakkuk Trust Community Advocacy Action Team lobby efforts on community benefit from natural resources.

Bubi District is endowed with an array of natural resources which amass the potential to contribute to local economic development. However despite the availability of vast natural resources the District remains one of the poorest in the country with local communities bearing the brunt of some of the environmental impacts resulting from illicit exploitation practices.

Speaking at the event, ZimParks official Mr Mudimba encouraged communities to value wildlife conservation as it contributes to sustainable development in communities.

“Let’s move from wildlife conflict to human wildlife coexistence,” he said.

Last month villagers in some parts of Bubi District lost crops as a result of elephant invasions.

The piped water scheme was commissioned by Bubi District Member of Parliament Honorable Sonny Key Mguni who commended the District and its partners for promoting access to water in the District.

Source: Habakkuk Trust

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