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International Young People Developers (IYPD) is a Trust which prides itself in organizing community development activities for African Young People; provide sustainable support in education, career guidance, social welfare, and entrepreneurship among our members. (IYPD) is a voluntary organization dedicated to developing qualities of Leadership, Accountability and Initiative in members organizing meaningful grassroots community based development projects through youths. In addition, the organization is a beacon of support in ensuring under privileged youths to receive support to attend school, counselling and opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The organisation was found in May 2017 by Alan Tinovonga Masenge at the age of twenty- five, who is a young Zimbabwean. His dream was to bring sustainable development to young people within the community. Mr Alan T Masenge is looking forward for so much support from all the stakeholders who can put a hand in youth’s development.


To be the preferred Youth Development Organisation in Southern Africa


To organize community development service activities for Southern Africa Youths, and provides sustainable support in education, career guidance and social welfare, and nurture qualities of leadership, accountability and entrepreneurship among our members.


  • To establish IYPD Clubs at all the Universities in Zimbabwe
  • To establish IYPD Clubs in all Secondary and High Schools in each of 10 provinces of Zimbabwe
  • To grow membership database to 10, 000 youths
  • To have more than 100 affiliates in Southern Africa


The life of 21st generation youths has been characterized by drug abuses, unemployment, child marriages, and child abuse. Apparently, this not only affects individuals but families and communities and has a negative effect on the future of young people. Nations needs principled future leaders groomed from a tender age. Most youths of today no longer put value on abstinence, respect, hard work, or laws of society. South Africa, the country where most of Zimbabweans migrate to has historically been affected by xenophobicattacks targeted at foreign nationals. Back home there has been a growing number of demonstrations where the coordinators put youths on the fore front to push their agendas.

A worrying and growing number outbreak of deadly sexually transmitted disease has also been recorded across towns and cities with Universities. Some statistics, actually point out that there is a high HIV and AIDS prevalence rate amongst University Students. On the other hand, it is not the youths’ actions that led society to be a survival nightmare for the young age, but rather a result of the system currently in operation. A few banks or companies give start-up loans and or mentorship to promote entrepreneurship (e.g CBZ Entrepreneurship Program). Upon deaths of parents, society has ceased to be that caring and as a result we have a surge of orphans and runaway children in the streets. Education, as much as it is a right, some children are failing to attend because it is expensive and parents cannot afford.

As IYPD, our call to action is change attitudes of youths and society, to harness and productively utilize the skills and potential in our young age and groom the principled future leaders of tomorrow. IYPD shall support, promote and promote mentorship to start-up and established youth entrepreneurs. To assist in the search for scholarships and link students with companies or organizations providing scholarships. Our four (4) year plan targets Zimbabwe and South Africa Youths, beyond which we plan to, have a global reach.

Education & Career Development


This department is responsible for identifying children or students in need of support to start or during their studies. Also prospects for donations from companies and individual parties.

Career Development

The organization helps the young people to achieve their career dreams through career guidance sessions. For those who would like to pursue their own companies there are also helped to meet their objectives through business planning, advisory and funds seeking.

Health and Counselling Department

This department will teach general health skills, create awareness and communicate preventive measures against various diseases with a strong bias on HIV and AIDS. The department shall hold awareness campaigns and assist with counseling or arrange with other organizations to work with affected youths.

The department identifies people in need of health support or victims needing counseling and, through support of the Health Ministry, organizations and or individual donors shall also organize sponsorship or donations to support youths and families affected by AIDS, violence and so forth.

Sports, Arts and Culture Department

Not everyone possesses a similar talent with everyone else. The department is there to spot different talents outside the box of education. So many talents are being underutilized and the department is to fetch those talents and develop them.

Source: IYPD

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