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Chengeto Africa (CA) is a feminist advocacy entity that employs media (radio, television, print and social media) as a transformational tool to foment justice and equality for women, girls, marginalized and key population communities. CA’s mandate is to close the glaring gap created when mainstream media avoids covering relevant topical issues.

CA’s flagship media vehicle is the Issues Pane Nyaya brand, whose mandate is to venture into untappetrd territories to interrogate and unpack the culture of silence that is enshrined in African culture and tradition. Child sexual exploitation. Rape. Sexual violence. Domestic violence. Access to education. Sexual Reproductive health Rights. Poverty. Human trafficking. Gender-based violence. Child labor. Political Participation. Pedophilia. Child marriages. Female genital mutilation. Levirate marriages. Delayed access to justice. Abuse in its various forms. These menaces are often ignored as we go about our daily routines.

Through Issues Pane Nyaya, CA probes these topical issues affecting girls, women, and marginalized populations. Issues Pane Nyaya explores, investigates, accentuates, and unpacks these matters, by not only showing the human face behind the anomalies, but also creating platforms for the voices of those faces to be amplified and acknowledged. Issues Pane Nyaya creates and cultivates platforms that enable open discussion on sacred cows (those issues that are often shied away from. Issues Pane Nyaya brings to life those matters that are often kept at the peripheries of national agendas with the intention of kindling consciousness, alertness, and response with a view to curbing hazards which are often stared at but are rarely acknowledged and named.

By providing safe spaces for voice, relevance, amplification and resolution of issues affecting these citizens, CA retains women’s rights at the core of its programming and strives to challenge the status quo and disrupt patriarchy, cultural norms, religion and traditional practices that contribute to the subjugation and subordination of women. Aside from utilizing the media for intervention, CA’s physical presence is in Marondera East, Chihota Communal Lands at Shayanewako Center where they work with women, girls, disadvantaged and key population communities from 6 wards.

In addition to its own media interventions, CA offers the following services to third party clients; All creative work – including skit production, scripting, film production, documentary production, voice overs, etc. CA further uses its platforms to avert shrinking CSO media space by enhanced coverage of CSO interventions within their communities as well as document and package content for partner CSOs. Our other pursuits include general content packaging for specific audiences as well as for filing and documenting purposes as well as editing and publishing. CA also offers meeting facilitation services, social media management, capacity building and training. Media training and media coverage of events is also on offer. We also create customized communication strategies.

Issues Pane Nyaya airs on 6 radio stations nationally as well as livestreams on Facebook, harnessing an audience in excess of 13.5 million listeners, including rural populations. Issues Pane Nyaya on TV is broadcast ZTN weekly.

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