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“It takes a village to raise a child’ – African Proverb.

Alone we can do so little but together we can do much. I REACH OUT MY HAND AFRICA (MA0001343/2018) was established in December 2010 and registered in 2018. The organization was formed to empower adolescence and young adults with skills and tools for a better life within their communities. The TRUST works in partnership with central governance, local authorities, civil institutions, advocacy groups, women’s groups and young adults to positively influence the attainment of resources and equality for all in both urban and rural areas but with more emphasis on rural communities. IROMHA provides care services to the less fortunate and vulnerable groups, which are homeless and destitute, those that are living with HIV, the young, disabled, and also the elderly. Every individual has an opportunity to attain their full potential through a broad range of humanitarian, intercultural and educational programs that promotes understanding, voluntarism and good will.

Our Mission Statement

To empower and mentor adolescence, young adults and women in communities, there-by creating opportunities that are conducive and offer a stable survival.


A developed continent where all persons have adequate access to quality health, care, empowerment, mentorship and support services.


  • To provide care opportunities and support to those in greatest of need.
  • Helping youths and young people gain self-confidence and self-worth so they may realize their full potential as individuals.
  • To promote independence and dignity on their right to education, welfare, employment, health and better growth of their lives.


  • Capacity building for adolescence and young adults
  • Empowerment skills
  • Improving health and quality of life for adolescence and young adults.
  • Providing social support care services for the less fortunate and marginalized people.

What we have done

We have goals and objectives but when we really started out work it was established to find any lacking and disparities in all communities ib Zimbabwe then Africa without limitations.
Iromh Africa started off as Iromh Zimbabwe in 2010; our very first project was a soup kitchen in Mbare where we hosted each Friday. We moved on to hosting a talent show in Harticliffe Harare where we felt the necessity of recreation and talent shows. It helps when it comes to mental health and depression. Our major drive was and is to reach out to all young people who are rarely or not recognized, most individuals are not cut for the traditional educational training but have talents and skills that if natured will help them lead a normal life with important resources for them in place.

Love Drives

  • We started a cloth drive which falls under all other programs which we named “Love drives” through that we have distributed food packs for a short time in the Selous area where are now in full operation.
  • Sanitary drive since 2017 donated at Saruwe Secondary school. First donation was from Liberty pads Johannesburg who gave us a total of 400 packets for distribution.
  • Child protection Hatcliffe campaign which ran for 3 months in this community.
  • Farming organic garden to benefit the less fortunate in Selous since 2020
  • Accommodating young people since 2017 the director opened his house for unique cases of adolescents and teenagers who have varying reasons why they are homeless.
  • Book drive. Distributed over 400 books to date.
  • Transparency and good governance in 2018 the organisation hosted the online course and 257 students from across Africa joined and it birthed youth Empowerment Conferences in Rwanda and in Laikipia Kenya
  • Viac services first testing conducted in Chegutu at Gatsi shops in 2017, 2019 at Saruwe and 2022 at Cheeseman shops in Selous
  • Colour parties that run on December 10 every year.
  • Mentorship programs these are ongoing drives to capacitate young people especially in the vulnerable communities.
  • Edutainment.
  • Human rights education we are a member of Youth Human Rights International based in California and we receive materials every sine 2017
  • Ngomahuru a mental institute were the organisation donated foodstuffs
  • FDA KidzCan fundraising campaign in Bulawayo in 2017
  • Annual Christmas party since 2017 and has benefited over 300 young people. The parties has been held in Chegutu, Westlea, Makwiro, waterfalls at children’s home, Selous and juvenile
  • prison visit in 2018 and donated toiletries and snacks.

Contact details

  • Little Scortland, 84b Paarl farm, Selous, Zimbabwe
  • www.Iromhafrica.org
  • facebook.com/iromhafrica
  • admin@iromhafrica.org
  • +263788557812, +263714843430

Source: I Reach Out My Hand Africa

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