Zim Needs a New System of Governance

Zimbabwe needs a new system of governance that benefits all her people. It is a system of governance born out of, and founded on, the free and true authority and power of the people. Authority and power to govern is with the people. It is the people who must govern themselves. The current system of governance that uses political parties is divisive, corrupt, and partisan. It only benefits a few. For this reason, it works against the best interests of the people of Zimbabwe.

The inheritance that Zimbabwe is, must be a blessing to all her people. Yet it has become a weapon used to fight each other and create enemies. Zimbabwe is rich enough to cater and provide for everyone. Therefore, a new system of governance is needed. It must come from the people using their authority and power to govern. The people must use their authority and power based on what is good.

The Government is owned by the people. Everyone in Government or who works there is employed by and works for the people. The Government and everyone who works there must do what is good for the people. The people must start choosing by themselves the people they want to be represented by in Government. They must do this without involving political parties. There is so much good that can be done if our focus is on the people and not on political parties. The people know what they want and what is good for them. Or at least they should know. Leadership everywhere must do what is good for the people they work for and are employed by.

Leaders have a duty to only do what is good as they lead the people. The best interests of the people are there for all to see and can be known by asking and consulting the people. When people choose political parties to lead them, they are surrendering their power to political parties. When they do this, they get to be taken advantage of.

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Source: People’s Covenant

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