Sprout Women Empowerment Trust


A society where women and girls collaborate to learn grow and identify their role in community development


Create hubs for women and girls to participate in sustainable economic growth through skills development programs, leadership, personal growth and human rights awareness to foster community growth and environmental responsibility.


  • To create hubs for women and girls to learn practical skills and boost their confidence to participate in economic activities and create a source of income to reduce vulnerability
  • To educate women and girls on diversified food sources and reduce the impacts of disturbances in food supply within families caused by hunger and poverty.
  • To educate women and girls the effects of climate change and introduce mitigation measures at individual and household level.
  • To intensify awareness on the rights of women and girls and support them to participate in governance and leadership processes in their communities.
  • To develop and strengthen partnerships and networks with other service providers, governmental institutions, structures and/or agencies to combat poverty and the discrimination of women and girls.

Who we are

We are a community based organization from Zimbabwe founded in 2018 with the aims to address socio-economic challenges that women and girls are facing in acquiring opportunities and resources to fully participate in sustainable economy. The organization also focuses on women’s involvement in governance and leadership processes with the aim to develop the community whilst nurturing the environment both in peri urban and rural vulnerable spaces through trainings, advocacy and awareness raising.

Why we exist

We exist to promote and support each other as women, to collaborate and use our innovation and creativity to enhance our livelihoods. We strive to go beyond our limits to fight poverty and inequality that exist in our society. Women and girls often carry the heaviest burden of poverty by virtue of their reproductive roles and/or household division of labor. Economic reforms have intensified their workloads by increasing their participation in formal and informal labor markets as well as shifting the burden of the care and economy to them. As a result, in our communities, we experience long-standing inequalities in the gender distribution of economic and financial resources which has placed women at a disadvantage relative to men in their capability to participate in, contribute to and benefit from broader processes of development. Despite considerable progress on many aspects of women’s economic empowerment through increases in educational attainment and share of paid work, deeply entrenched inequality persists as a result of discriminatory norms and practices, and the pace of change has been slow and uneven across regions. Women continue to be absent from key decision-making forums shaping the allocation of economic and financial resources and opportunities, which further perpetuates gender inequality. Sprout Women Empowerment Trust was established to create spaces for women both in peri urban and rural areas to learn skills and acquire knowledge to participate fully in the economic growth and governance of their communities. The organization applies a people centered approach such that our programing is based on the priorities and goals defined by the women themselves and supports their own livelihoods strategies. The approach allows us to build on people’s strengths in order to ensure the sustainability of our interventions.

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Source: SWET

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