ERC Welcomes the Appointment of Electoral Court Judges

The Election Resource Centre (ERC) welcomes the appointment of eighteen (18) judges of the High Court by the Chief Justice Luke Malaba to constitute the Electoral Court that will operate from March 1 to August 30 2022. The court will have exclusive jurisdiction to hear appeals, applications and petitions in terms of the Electoral Act, review any decision of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission or anyone else made under the Act and shall have power to give such judgements, orders and directions in those matters as might be given by the High Court. However, the Electoral Court cannot try any criminal case.

Chief Justice Malaba has appointed; Judge President Justice Maria Zimba-Dube, Justice Garainesu Mawadze, Justice Martin Makonese, Justice David Mangota, Justice Amy Tsanga, Justice Esther Muremba, Justice Moses Foroma, Justice Jester Helena Charewa, Justice Phildah Muzofa, Justice Isaac Muzenda, Justice Benjamin Chikowero, Justice Pisirai Kwenda, Justice Christopher Dube-Banda, Justice Sunsley Zisengwe, Justice Munamato Mutevedzi, Justice Never Katiyo, Justice Elijah Makomo and Justice Lucie-Anne Chipo Munewari, to be judges of the Electoral Court Division of the High Court

The ERC reminds the judges of their mandate to execute their duties in a non partisan and independent manner. The Electoral Court must also ensure that democracy is upheld in Zimbabwe through timely, fair judgement and the fair application of the electoral laws of the land to all parties and candidates contesting elections. The ERC further encourages judges to practise self restraint in an environment marred by partisanship in order to curb electoral malpractices and set precedence on the recurrence of the same.

Source: Election Resource Centre

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