Crisis Report: Vol 1, March 2022

The Crisis Report (March Edition, Volume 1) covers calls for workers to unite for the collective good, CSOs being challenged to engage youths on political violence, ZEC’s misconduct which is creating grounds for disputed elections among other significant issues. Read on and get informed.

Call for workers to unite for the collective good

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Chairperson, Peter Mutasa has said that government workers need to resist the divide and rule tactics by the government and fight for the common good.

The majority of Government workers earn meager salaries and continue to live far below the Poverty Datum Line (PDL). On the other hand, government has come under fire for its insincerity in as far as improving the welfare of its workers is concerned. Trade unionism has been criminalized and the result has been brutality against trade union leaders. Below, we publish Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Chairperson, Peter Mutasa’s call for civil servants to organize and push for better wages;

“We are witnessing unusual occurrences in the labour market. A massive devaluation of labour through repression, state terror tactics and debilitating neoliberalism. The magnitude of state terror towards labour that we have witnessed since the November 2017 coup is only paralleled to the colonial era. We saw the abduction of Peter Magombeyi when doctors dared the military junta and went on strike. The dismissal of striking nurses and now soldiers visiting and threatening incapacitated teachers all points to revival of the colonial or apartheid industrial relations.”

CSOs challenged to engage youths on political violence

Manipulation of youths continues to be one of the leading causes of political violence in Zimbabwe amid calls for civil society to create platforms aimed at encouraging peace and tolerance among the youths.

Ahead of the March 26, 2022 by- elections, political tensions have heightened with the ruling party, Zanu PF unleashing a wave of violence against opposition supporters. This has been worsened by the fact that senior ruling party officials, including its Second Secretary and Vice President, Retired General Constantine Chiwenga continue to publicly incite violence against the opposition.

The Director of Youth Forum, Avoid Masiraha said civil society has a critical role to play in ensuring peace and tolerance before, during and after elections.

ZEC misconduct creating ground for disputed elections

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has come under fire for plotting to rig the upcoming March 26, 2022 National Assembly and Local Government by-elections after several discrepancies were observed on the voters’ roll.

Concern is high that ZEC officials continue to act in favour of the ruling party, Zanu PF and this continues to create an uneven playing ground ahead of the March 26 by-elections and the
2023 national elections.

Access the full report here (2MB PDF)

Source: Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

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