ARTUZ Stages #FightBackFriday

Friday the 11th of March 2022 teachers under the banner of the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe came together as a unit to confront the employer on the issues regarding their remuneration, conditions of service and the general state of Education in Zimbabwe. This online demonstration which feeds off all other online protests previously done by the Union had a certain focus on the prevailing environment.

What was unique about this demonstration was the nature of it in that instead of it being a teachers only action, it brought about all sections of society, parents, learners and local and regional organizations and personalities who provided the much needed solidarity.

Teachers under the notion of fightback were doing this in regards to the current state of their welfare which is characterized by poor remuneration, terrible conditions of service and a deteriorating Education sector, placards posted online by multitudes of people depicted a simple message which is the starting point of the engagement between teachers and the employer which is the restoration of the USD540 salary of pre October 2018.

Teachers also challenged the government to stop intimidatory tactics, threats and victimization of Incapacitated teachers.

The Union stands ready to escalate these online protests into street protests until the government recognize and correct the situation teachers are currently existing under.

Source: ARTUZ

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